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  1. Apr 07,  · A Stranger (Clint Eastwood) rides into in the dusty mining town of Lago, where the townspeople are living in the shadow of a dark secret. After a shoot-out leaves the town's hired-gun protectors dead, the town's leaders petition the Stranger to stay and protect them from three ruthless outlaws who are soon to be released from prison/10(K).
  2. High Plains Drifter () IMDb 1h 45min X-Ray R A mysterious gunfighter without a name rides across the desert landscape and arrives in the mining town beside the sea "Lago" to Genre: Western.
  3. Aug 22,  · High Plains Drifter is a morality tale carved out of the harsh Western desert and directed with a panache that synthesized the styles of Sergio Leone and Don Siegel, two directors who had worked with Eastwood frequently. The result is one of the best Westerns of the s%(10).
  4. Jun 04,  · High Plains Drifter is a provocateurish western tailor-made for the cynical Watergate-era. This was the second movie Eastwood directed and Freud would have had a field day analyzing Eastwood’s motivations for choosing this ugly western as his next directorial assignment.
  5. What is 'High Plains Drifter' about? A stranger (Clint Eastwood) rides his horse out of the hot undulating waves of the desert and into the mining town of Lago and asks for a .
  6. Sep 21,  · It’s clear that Clint’s character was a re incarnation or Ghost of Marshall Jim Duncan. Ghosts are usually transparent and would come back as a spirit form rather than body rembderynaroso.sterolasesalplatpabesignpoommysqvo.co woman puts 3 bullets into the bathtub and Clint’s character survi.
  7. Aug 22,  · Which brings us to ’s High Plains Drifter, a movie that’s so frequently overlooked and uncharacteristically strange and surreal that it sticks out like a sore, red-painted thumb in the long.
  8. High Plains Drifter () - A Stranger rides into the corrupt mining town of Lago. After three tough guys harass him, he kills them rather easily. The three men had been hired by the town as protection from some other hitmen they had double crossed. The townspeople .
  9. High Plains Drifter Lyrics. 'Cause I'm the high plains drifter, and I'm the drifter. The high plains drifter, and I'm the drifter. They can’t catch me, they’re never going to find me. They're.

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